How much power can solar panels produce?

How Much Power Do Solar Panels Give Off

How much electricity a solar panel is able to produce depends entirely on three major things: how large or small the panel in question is, how efficient the inner solar cells are, and how much direct sunlight hits the solar panel. Most solar panels that are used are used for residential purposes to provide electricity to a home. These panels are usually about 5 and a half feet long and roughly 3 feet in width. They each come with squares that are visible on top of the solar panel which are known as solar cells and are created by wires that are run together. These squares are important because they are where the electricity in the panels are actually made and sent into your home. If you need help finding the right chicago solar contractor, please contact us today! Below is a guide that will explain why the side of a panel, the solar cells, and the other features matter when it comes to knowing how much power your panel is going to give off.

1.) Does size really matter?
The size of the panel you get definitely helps determine how much power the panel is going to be able to produce. The larger the panel, the more solar cells will be present which means it will create more energy. Most solar panels in 2019 are larger than they were in the past and have more efficient cells than they used too meaning a single standard size panel can give off about 320 watts of energy at a time. Instead of trying to calculate how much energy a given panel will give off, you can look at the back of your panel and find a listed number which indicates how much power it will emit when the conditions are right.

2.) How does sun factor in?
As the name suggests, solar panels rely on the sun to give them energy. If your home is put in direct sunlight during the day time more often than not, then your solar panels will be able to absorb all of the light and turn it into energy meaning it will be fully charged at all times and working at full capacity. Meanwhile, if your home is in shade most of the day, then your panel will be working at closer to 64% of its capacity and give off closer to 300 watts of energy.

3.) Do different brands give off different amounts of energy?
When thinking about the power that solar panels give off, you should consider the type of brand that you are looking at. Different brands are going to output different watts of energy due to size variation and the fact that they may have more or fewer solar cells. For example, SolarCity standard panels give off 325 watts in ideal conditions, while SunPower panels give off 360 watts and Jinko Solar panels give off 290 watts. Before buying and getting panel installed on your home, find out how much power you need and research brands that will give you the most buzz for your buck.

You cannot expect to have ideal outdoor conditions with the perfect amount of sunshine hitting your panels every day. If you live in a place that is cloudy more days of the year than sunny, then it may be harder to get enough sun to convert to energy. You can easily calculate how much electricity you can produce by finding your home on a map and putting it into a calculator. Online calculators will help you figure out how much power you need, and which panels will give off enough power based on where you live to keep your home turned on and running well.